New Blog on the Block

variety--gallery-msg-116831046888.jpgVariety has launched a new party-esque society blog, Variety on the Town, that seems to be a departure from other party-eque society sites in that it leaves all the panty-free pandemonium on the other side of the velvet rope.

The site launched on Jan. 5, “just in time for the avalanche of awards season festivities,” editor Nicole LaPorte tells FBLA.

But what is a party site without the antics of kinda-gross celebrities?

Nicole breaks it down for us:

“The party/event circuit is a big part of Hollywood life. Underneath the frivolity of it all, premieres and parties are where ‘relationships’ are formed, wounds healed (or inflicted), and where schmoozing — the lifeblood of the business — can take place in a completely unbridled atmosphere. They’re also fun, and the hope is that On the Town will deliver some of that fun to our readers (viewers) in a way that is personable and insidery. On the blog we’re less concerned with getting a publicist-approved quote from, say, George Clooney, than getting a real sense of what an event was like, ideally with humor and bite.'”

A site that deals with Hollywood parties in a professional and considered manner? That is an interesting and intelligent way to approach industry coverage. Really take a good look at what happens and why — not just salivate over the latest bit of salacious gossip or trivial tripe. Good luck.

Oh, one last question: How hot is Matthew Mcconaughey?

“I leave judgment on M. McConaughey’s looks to the experts at People, Cosmo, etc. But based on his appearance at the We Are Marshall premiere, he could use a hair cut.”