New at WaPo This Week: a Trump Podcast and Its First Newsletter For an International Audience

WaPo product creation continues.

For almost every week this month, the Washington Post has had a new product or initiative to announce: the formation of its rapid-response investigative team, an expansion of PowerPost, a widening of staff and ambition for its video team, plans to package millennial women-focused content as The Lily for placement on distributed platforms.

This week new product development continued with a new podcast and newsletter, following the rough outline for 2017 plans publisher Fred Ryan described at the end of December.

The podcast, called Can He Do That?, is a weekly, 30-minute examination of a particular aspect of President Trump’s atypical actions. It is hosted by digital editor Allison Michaels, who said in a statement the podcast will help “explain this unique moment in the American presidency through the lens of history, custom and the law.”

The first episode, out today, features Michaels talking to White House reporter Abby Phillip about Trump’s tweeting habit.

And in a demonstration of the Washington Post’s ambition in making itself not just a national publication but an international one, it also debuted its first newsletter targeted toward international audiences, called Today’s WorldView.

Foreign affairs reporter Ishaan Tharoor takes the lead on the M-F newsletter, which will feature the Post’s international reporting and opinion writing, as well as those of other publications, and a daily summary of the relationship between Trump’s actions and the larger world. The newsletter will double as a testing ground as the publication refines its strategy for international engagement.