‘Nerd Prom’ Promises to Reveal the Real Story Behind the WHCA Dinner

"Nerd Prom" takes on Nerd Prom.

Like any other prom, the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner — dubbed Nerd Prom, despite its ever increasing Hollywood-ification — requires prep. But in addition to dress and suit fittings, the day-of hair and nails, there will be the scores of posts and articles to ensure we’re well-versed in every minutiae of the lead-up to the criticized, glorified, over-hyped event, taking place this year on April 25.  “Nerd Prom: Inside Washington’s Wildest Week,” a new documentary by Patrick Gavin, a former FishbowlDC editor and Politico reporter, takes a look at why this frenzy happens.

The doc Gavin set out to create was different from the feature he ended up making, which will debut April 10. “When I first started this film last year,” he tells FishbowlDC, “things were leaning towards more of a portrait of it. Sort of a ‘isn’t this all so interesting’ approach.”

When Gavin left Politico last year to begin work on the doc, he had contributed his share of pieces to the collective anthology of Nerd Prom coverage. But in all that time he was mainly immersed in chasing down the details, left without the breathing space to step back and address big picture questions.

Once he got that chance, his perception of the event shifted. “The more I worked on it and talked to people the more I realized there was a bigger and more important story to be told about the role this week has in Washington culture and Washington business. There was also a very big disconnect between what the week was advertised as being versus what it was really about on the ground level and it is that ground level perspective that I tried to capture in the film.”

“Nerd Prom” will have a limited theatrical release and is also available for pre-order. For more information, head to www.nerdpromthemovie.com. Watch the trailer below.