Neiman Marcus Offers Life-Size Lego Likenesses for $60K

nm lego.jpgWe’re still putting the finishing touches on our Charles and Ray Eames Halloween costumes, but Neiman Marcus is already stoking our excitement for the holidays (although we hear that Santa’s portfolio is in rough shape). The luxury retailer has released its 2008 Christmas Book, and among this year’s preposterous presents are life-size LEGO replicas created by New York artist Nathan Sawaya. For $60,000, Sawaya will “brickalize” you or anyone else you choose (provided that you have the right to his or her likeness, warns the catalog) into a life-size LEGO sculpture. A video on the Neiman Marcus website shows the artist at work on the LEGO couple pictured in the catalog (and above) as Sawaya fashions an evening gown out of tiny red bricks with the help of glue, reference photos, and a peppy soundtrack. Stacked behind him in color-coded clear plastic boxes are the 1.5 million LEGO bricks he keeps on hand in the studio. And really, what better way than with $120,000 worth of LEGO sculptures to tell your parents that they did a terrible job teaching you about fiscal responsibility?