Ned Martel’s Bizarre Farewell Note

Outgoing Style Editor Ned Martel may want to steer clear of poetry in his next act for WaPo.

With his staff is celebrating his departure (we know, Ned, you’ve never read anything bad about yourself until you read FishbowlDC even though Washingtonian‘s Harry Jaffe has had your number for a good while now), this is how Martel bid farewell to them as WaPo frantically spins his move to the presidential campaign trail as positive. Martel stepped down last week after numerous members of his staff either left or expressed extreme discontent under his management. Managing Editor Liz Spayd held a party for Martel at her home this weekend.

The note:

Stop dressing the news wound.
Send your post to Universal by noon.

Write from the heart.
Report it out.

Raise hell.
Don’t curse in print.

Be kind to the freaks.
Call out those who pass for ordinary.

“You are beautiful in every single way.” – Christina Aguilera
“You’re only as good as your last story.” – Helen Thomas

Make sure your kicker’s perfect.
Just hit send.