NBC4 Launching New Weekly News Series

Starting Tuesday night, NBC4 will air a new weekly news series entitled “Life Connected,” celebrating the diversity of communities and individuals that have come together to enhance the quality of life of others in their community.

“Life Connected is a long-term station initiative that will celebrate different communities and cultures and demonstrate the human spirit and triumphs throughout Southern California,” said Steve Carlston, president and general manager of NBC4 Southern California. “So often we focus on the differences within society; Life Connected will highlight the similarities and connections that we all share. Whether in the workplace, in our neighborhoods, at our places of worship, or in any part of our daily lives, we are indeed all connected.”

Reporter Lolita Lopez covered the first piece that’s airing tonight on three individuals that formed a friendship through their volunteer work at Project Angel Food, a non-profit that feeds individuals with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life threatening illnesses. NBC4 talent will cover “Life Connected” stories on a rotating basis.

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