Let the Rio Statue Panoramic TV Shots Begin!

A 124-foot tall, 92-foot wide gift to the control-room gods.

For the next 17 days, across all NBC Sports platforms, it will be impossible to avoid looking at Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. The Art Deco landmark towers above the Brazilian city and is a natural TV control room throw-to for intros, extros and more.

Ahead of the Summer Olympics, a pair of Reuters photographers—Kai Pfaffenbach and Wolfgang Rattray—put together a stunning gallery of statue shots, all taken at sunrise. At the NBC end, no doubt sunset will also be a favorite framing device.


Several of today’s international newspaper front pages also make clever use of the statue imagery. Above is one from Brazil’s Metro chain that cheekily sums up the perspective of many citizens from ground level. The headline heralds the 31st summer Olympiad with a wink and a question mark.

A more majestic use of Christ the Redeemer (below) adorns today’s Austrian daily Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung. About an hour before press time, the Olympic torch was carried past Christ the Redeemer.


Newspaper images via: newseum.org

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