NBC News and SurveyMonkey Launch Weekly Polls on 2016 Elections

And guess who's leading in this first one.

NBC-News-SurveyMonkeyNBC News and online survey site SurveyMonkey released the first in what will be a series of weekly polls to gauge opinions on the 2016 presidential candidates, under a new partnership between the two organizations.

In this first poll, things are about where you’d expect them to be: Donald Trump leads the GOP field, with 35 percent of respondents saying he’d be the candidate they’d vote for right now. Ted Cruz comes in second with 18 percent support from participants. Hillary Clinton leads the Democratic field, 53 percent to Bernie Sanders‘ 36 percent.

The results came from a sample of 3,700 participants age 18 and older, 3,181 of whom indicated they were registered voters. The sample was drawn from SurveyMonkey’s almost 3 million daily survey takers, and was weighted for gender, age, race, education, religion and voter registration status. The samples for subsequent polls will also come from SurveyMonkey users and will number in the thousands.

The raw sample of participants this time around was 75 percent white, 47 percent Christian and 53 percent female. A greater percentage considered themselves conservative or very conservative (39 percent) than liberal or very liberal (22 percent).