Chuck Todd the Dog is Jumping the Shark

Chuck Todd the dog was pretty funny the first time. He was still mildly amusing the second and third times he made the Washington media rounds. But now? The whole thing is getting stupid and tedious.

On Tuesday, Washingtonian‘s media writer Harry Jaffe wrote up a brief punchy interview with the dog and his owners. It was complete, nothing else was needed. But today, Scott Stump, a contributor for NBC’s, felt some burning need to regurgitate the news back to us in yet another extended feature on the pooch with the famous name. Human Chuck Todd, the NBC White House Correspondent, appears to be playing along and offering up varying quotes for journalists who ask — he’s no fool when it comes to the dog’s 15 minutes of fame. And what’s he going to do, tell his network that he’s tired of Chuck Todd’s media whore parents trying to steal his thunder?

But enough is enough. If Chuck Todd is headed for the front of the NYT‘s Style Section we’re going to boycott. We’re done. Over it. Run free, Chuck Todd. Run free. (And yes, we mean the dog.)

If you must, read TODAY‘s version of the story here. But we suggest Jaffe’s, it’s better, funnier and won’t make you wish for the last five minutes of your life back.

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