Nature’s Wrath Comes Down on CNN

And can you blame her? A tornado hit Atlanta, Georgia on Friday night. But the real story, according to their coverage, is that a tornado hit CNN.


Police closed several streets in the vicinity of CNN Center because of glass and other debris. Two of Centennial Olympic Park’s towering Olympic torches were toppled and a performance pavilion was destroyed.

Inside CNN Center, water poured through the damaged roof into the building’s atrium. Glass shattered, and parts of the building filled with dust.

Virtually all of the windows facing Centennial Olympic Park on the Omni Hotel, which is adjacent to CNN Center, were shattered. Visitors to the hotel were moved to the facility’s exhibition hall at street level.

CNN moved its national desk operation to another location Saturday after parts of the ceiling fell in, and CNN International aired domestic programming. Windows also shattered in the newsroom, and CNN‘s library was damaged.