National Review‘s Frum Calls NYT‘s Betrayal of Bush Administration’s Request Not To Publish a ‘Crime’

Reaction on all sides over the weekend regarding the decisions of the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal to run a story on domestic spying after the Bush Administration requested it be held.

National Review‘s David Frum on CNN’s Reliable Sources:

FRUM: I think we have to distinguish between press bias, which is bad, and betrayal of national security secrets, which is really a crime … That is a different thing from the betrayal of national secrets, which the “Times” has done again and again.

New York Times columnist Frank Rich defended the paper’s decision:

RICH: I don’t think it is an arrogant left-wing agenda to tell people what’s going on in their own government with their money, and with surveillance that might involve their private lives. But I also think that it’s — in fact, I think it’s a public service.