National Mall Design Competition Selects Its Jurors

Speaking of government-based contests as we were in that last post, we turn to something a bit more positive (or at least something that fewer people seem angry about). Launched last month, the National Mall Design Competition, which is attempting to rehab three specific areas to focus preservation efforts on (Union Square, the Washington Monument grounds at Sylvan Theater and Constitution Gardens) has now named their jurors. Picking their favorite entries for the estimated $700 million project are a list of, as was expected, luminaries from a number of fields. They include the Washington Post‘ former architecture critic, Benjamin Forgey, Pentagram‘s Michael Gericke, and architect about town, Thom Mayne. Thus far, the competition has reportedly registered more than 1,200 designers and firms from 10 countries and 30 states who are interested in participating. Out of those, the jurors will pick 58 to move forward. Here’s a bit about the process:

“In Stage I, the Jury will evaluate lead designers based on past design performance, philosophy, design intent, thoughtfulness, creativity and overall resume,” said Donald J. Stastny FAIA FAICP FCIP, the Competition Manager. “The Jurors’ professional expertise and diverse perspectives will be valuable assets in the selection process.”

The Jury will meet over three days to select the lead designers who they recommend be invited to participate in Stage II. That recommendation will be made to the Steering Committee, which will confirm that the designers met all of the requirements as stated in the Competition Manual and that there were no conflicts of interest in the Jury process.