This Kennedy Has Kind Words for Schwarzenegger

There’s a glimmer of good news today for the deposed Governor of Californication, via column “Pop Tarts.” The National Fitness Hall of Fame in Minooka, Illinois has decided NOT to expel Schwarzenegger from its ranks, despite some strong sentiments from many polled members.

Arnold was inducted in 2005, and per an email announcement yesterday from the organization’s founder John Figarelli, a decision has been made to keep the Austrian Oak firmly planted in the exhibit. FishbowlLA also couldn’t help notice this ironic little bit of endorsement in Hollie McKay’s report:

Robert Kennedy, who publishes such titles as Muscle Mag, Oxygen, and Maximum Fitness, and counts himself a close friend of Schwarzenegger for over 44 years, concurred. “Arnold was known and admired for his bodybuilding over a considerable time span, so basically this scandal will only impact very, very minimally,” Kennedy said. “We run every issue of Muscle Magazine International with an Arnold column. We’ve been doing that two-page piece in every issue and we will keep that going. He’s still very popular in the bodybuilding world.”

Indeed, other comments in the piece bear out the idea that Arnold may very well want to engineer his comeback from the sweaty gyms where he got his start.