National Association of Hispanic Journalists Condemns Trump

Sounds about right.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) has issued a formal statement condemning Donald Trump for having Univision reporter Jorge Ramos ejected from a press conference.

Yesterday, Trump removed Ramos because he apparently asked a question when it wasn’t his turn. Trump, ever the idiot, told Ramos to “Go back to Univision.”

“Ramos was simply trying to hold a candidate for president accountable for statements he made about a very important topic to the American people,” said NAHJ president Mekahlo Medina, in a statement. “Mr. Trump has avoided Mr. Ramos’ attempts for an interview to reasonably discuss Mr. Trump’s opinions and ideas about immigration and American children born to undocumented immigrants.”

Ramos was later allowed back into the press conference, and was even permitted to ask questions. Unfortunately, when you ask Trump questions, you get Trump answers.

At one point Trump said, “We’re going to do deportations in a very humane fashion,” because he’s not smart enough to realize that’s an oxymoron. Trump also claimed that gang members in Baltimore and St. Louis are illegal immigrants.

Good luck, Republicans!