American Media Inc. Goes Full-Frontal on Robert Wagner

The National Enquirer and Radar fire off a series of Natalie Wood-related exclusives.

There has been a barrage of Radar and National Enquirer exclamation-mark exclusives this week aimed at the Hollywood actor.

On March 25, the Enquirer revealed publicly something that those who have been closely following the re-opened Natalie Wood investigation already knew. Namely, that Splendour captain Dennis Davern, Thanksgiving 1981 excursion guest Christopher Walken and Wagner were all classified as “persons of interest” when the cause of death on Wood’s certificate was changed. Davern has passed a polygraph test and Walken has spoken with LASD detectives. Wagner, so far, has refused to cooperate.

AMI is also revisiting Davern’s 2012 trip to Hawaii with investigators, at both the Enquirer and Radar ends, and today has published a handwritten two-page March 18 letter by Natalie’s sister Lana to the LA D.A.:

In a bombshell open letter to Jackie Lacey, obtained exclusively by the Enquirer, Lana penned: “I am writing to plead with you to consider pressing charges against Robert Wagner.”

“It has recently come to my attention that [detectives] feel very strongly they have sufficient evidence implicating Wagner in her death, but, that your office feels it is only circumstantial and therefore will not move forward.”

Author Marti Rulli tells FishbowlNY that Wagner’s stance towards the current investigation is key. “Wagner still refuses to cooperate, participate or talk with detectives,” she says. “That is making them highly suspicious of him, far more than they are suspicious of Davern and Walken. They are determined to solve this case, and it is Wagner who could help them do it, but he refuses to.”

“In his book Pieces of My Heart, Wagner stated that he went “over and over” (with Walken and others) details of what could have happened to Natalie. This is his chance to ask the detectives what they believe happened, and he has no questions?”

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