Name Game Winner #1: Renata Mupy

We learned a lot from our inaugural UnBeige Name Game contest, in which we tasked you with naming a dog, a band, and a child after commercially available typefaces. Among the key lessons: 1) UnBeige readers like contests, 2) UnBeige readers are skilled at naming things after typefaces, and 3) a lot of people think “Bodoni” would be a swell name for a dog (we agree, and think that “Bembo” also has a nice ring to it). With all of the great entries, it was a struggle to choose just two grand prize winners, so we decided to hand out three grand prizes and also award honorable mentions in each of the categories.

Presented above is our first grand prize winner, the nomenclatively skilled Renata Mupy, a graphic designer based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. We’ve taken the liberty of matching up her selected typeface names—Dokyo for a dog, Airstrip Four for a band, and Pippi for a child—with some photos for full effect. Stay tuned for more winners in our name game.

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