NACE Says Class Of 2011 Is Getting Raises

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pay up! flickr: Andres Rueda

The average starting salary for a 2011 graduate rose 4.8 percent over last year’s class, according to a new survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

This varied between majors and disciplines, with economics grads seeing a 6 percent increase (average starting salary $53,906) and petroleum engineering grads getting an 8 percent increase ($80,849).

Humanities grads were no slouches, either: offers to English majors rose 6.6 percent to $39,527, and history majors’ offers rose 8.1 percent to $40,051.

It’s important to note that a) these are averages, and b) the survey tracks offers, not what industry those offers are in. (Not all history majors are working as researchers or teachers; not all English majors are….doing whatever it is English majors do) The petroleum engineers mostly got jobs at oil companies, though.

(h/t Heather Huhman)