Mystery Weight Loss Expert Offers Writers Diet Advice

image001.jpg We get weird story pitches in our in-box all the time. Most of the time, we just trash them, but here’s one we couldn’t pass up: Healthy Eating Tips for the Hollywood Writers!

From the press release:

With the Writers’ Strike entering its seventh week, many out of work writers are finding it difficult to fill the time. With the heavy holiday eating and lack of a steady schedule, it is hard for some to keep off unwanted pounds and avoid the temptation of becoming a coach potato. So why not let this extra time off be a chance to slim down and get into great shape!

I’d love to book our renowned dietician and weight loss expert (who has helped over 500,000 people lose weight throughout his career) on your show to share some healthy eating tips and delicious nutritional snacks with your audience and the writers at home that will whip them into shape and keep them fit for their return to the writing board!

Sounds great. Of course, we suspect that if this strike goes on any longer, writers will come up with a weight loss plan of their own: Not eating.