Must Fight Urge to Make Easy…Lionel Richie and The Commodores…Joke

Here’s a little fun for a Friday morning. We read on some wire somewhere about the winners being announced for the annual Brick in Home Building Awards, which, if you’re like us and love anything that has to do with very specific trades (we once got a copy of Screw Machine World, the trade mag for people in the screw industry, and we still covet it), then you’ll understand that this was pretty exciting. But, unfortunately for us, the awards didn’t turn out to be all that funny-because-it’s-so specific. Instead, it was more of “wow, this is actually kind of cool,” which we’ll certainly always take as a consolation prize. So, the winner this year? It’s The Four Season’s Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto. And yeah, it is pretty awesome. Though the Brick Industry site hasn’t updated their awards page to reflect the other winners and nominees, check out this PDF of last years winners. We defy you not to enjoy it.