Mumsy, I’m Afraid The Chisel Just Isn’t Working! The Site Is Still Just Dreadful!

How’s this for an interesting potential gig? From Brand Republic, we learned that Prince Charles is currently looking for a firm to redesign his website. Sounds like they have already sent out for pitches to specific agencies already, but there is a contact link on the current site, so if you’ve got this super wicked bad idea you’ve always thought would be great for a member of British royalty (and who hasn’t at one time or another?), maybe now is the time to act. Here’s the whole scoop:

Clarence House, which represents Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall and the Princes William and Harry, is handling the review, and has contacted a number of agencies with the brief. Revisions under consideration are understood to include a more detailed diary of the family’s activities. Prince Charles has had his own website since 1998. The site has not been redesigned since its launch and currently includes news, information about the Royal Family members, the Prince’s annual review of the year and a diary of upcoming engagements. A spokesman for Clarence House said: “We have made no decisions on what any change might include – it could be anything from a complete redesign to much smaller modifications.”