NYT Profiles India’s 90-Year-Old Sex Advice Columnist

The name of the column is “Ask the Sexpert.” The newspaper that carries it is the Mumbai Mirror. And the man at the sexpert-controls is Dr. Mahinder Watsa.


From this weekend’s New York Times “The Saturday Profile” by Ellen Barry and Malavika Vyawahare:

Over the nine years he has been writing the daily column, by his editor’s estimate, Watsa has received upward of 40,000 letters seeking advice on sexual problems, the vast majority seeking basic information. Answering them, he steps into a vacuum in a country where, according to a government study conducted several years ago, only about a fifth of young men and women reported receiving any type of sex education…

Mainly, the people Watsa hears from are worried men. They are worried about the size, shape and angle of their penises, and they are worried about impotence. They are worried about whether it is OK to fantasize about their friends’ mothers. And they are endlessly, endlessly worried about whether they will damage themselves by masturbating, a fear born of some traditional Hindu beliefs.

Watsa, who trained as a OBG/YN, has also had a lot of direct experience with the Indian female practice of “hymen reconstruction.” Read the full article here.