Mr. Magazine Clears Up A Few Things (Nostra Culpa)

dog reading magazine
flickr: ktylerconk

Yesterday we’d mentioned some stats from MediaFinder that said that 187 magazines launched in the first half of 2009 and 200+ closed. We wanted to get Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni’s take on these numbers because his site has some different figures….after not hearing back from him all day, we went ahead and made the post.

Turns out vile and pernicious technology is to blame for Mr. Husni’s lack of response….first, our message to him went to his spam folder (and he fished it out), and then his three(!) responses to us went to our spam folder, none of which we noticed until the man got on his phone and called this morning.

Well, we can admit when we made a mistake. (Though we’d kinda like to blame Google for this one….still. our fault.)

He says: “To put it bluntly, their numbers are dead wrong. They claim that the 187 number includes all consumer, b 2 b and custom magazines… mine include only the consumer titles, which by the way, if I do not have a physical edition of the magazine I do not count it as a launch. So far this year we have until the end of June approximately 345 new launches, that includes the regular frequency ones and the annuals and specials (same as the way mediafinder counts theirs)… the difference is that I do not depend on press releases or announcements of launches, but rather finding every new magazine, scanning it and posting it on the web and the Guide in due time…”

So, we were wrong when we guessed that Mr. Husni was including trade pubs in his numbers. These are consumer-only magazines.

Mr. Husni, after not hearing back from us, posted a great response on his blog, too, where he mentions that the dead mags may not be as dead as some claim, either.. “I saw a list of the magazines announced dead in 2008 (via a media reporter who questioned the numbers) and was surprised to see some of the magazines listed among the dead are still alive, well and kicking.”

MediaFinder, what’s up with that, hm? We think it’s about time for you guys to send us a response…that we’ll lose in our spam folder, too.