Mr. Fashion Critic Gets Critiqued by GQ Style Guy

In another GQ feature about D.C. today, GQ Style Guy Glen O’Brien critiques
boehner-9.jpeg House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) who will forever be razzed about his bronze skin and surname that GQ eloquently explains for the two people in Washington who may not know.

Long known for making fun of reporters for their clothing and hair at his pressers, Boehner is in the hot seat in this issue.

“The minority leader just looks vain,” writes O’Brien. “His radioactive tan appears sprayed on, his bronze hair never strays, and his ties glow in W Hotel colors against his white button-downs. Oh, and it’s pronounced bay-ner, not boner.”

In May of this year, Boehner made fun of Fox News’s Chad Pergram’s attire, which Pergram later wrote about in a print story for the network.

Pergram’s getup (described at the time by FishbowlDC as “rocking Gotti-chic and a “monster ensemble”) was this: a black and white hounds tooth jacket, black shirt, black tie, black pants and black pocket square.” It was an outfit that, when worn by Pergram back in February, Boehner denounced it to Pergram as “too metrosexual.”