MPR Is Highlighting the Voices of ‘Flyover’ Country With a New Call-In Show

Kerri Miller hosts

A few days after the inauguration of Donald Trump, WNYC, MPR and The Economist launched Indivisible, a 100-day, Monday-Thursday national call-in show that explored questions of American identity and politics with an audience that spanned the country’s ideological and geographic divide.

Each night featured a different host, and MPR’s Kerri Miller had the Thursday night spot, tackling broad questions about American identity. Miller was the show’s Midwest voice, and a new call-in show debuting this fall will continue where Indivisible left off.

“When Indivisible ended, we got feedback from many listeners that they wanted to continue this national conversation and–together with our public radio colleagues across the country–we’re well positioned to carry on this dialogue,” said Nancy Cassutt, executive director news and programming, MPR News, in a statement. “Kerri has shown a great ability to bring out the issues and topics that matter most to people, but really, the most important voice on this program is that of the listener.”

In an introduction to the show, Miller describes it by saying, “It’s like taking Indivisible one step further.”

As the name, Flyover, implies, the weekly show will focus on the stories and opinions of those in between the coasts. Each week will be organized around a different topic, and the top of the show will be devoted to examining the on-the-ground realities related to that topic from a different place within flyover country, with the help of public radio journalists from those places. What follows will be a national conversation with a guest and call-in component.

The show starts Sept. 10 and runs through Nov. 27. It will air Sundays at 4 p.m. ET and will stream on

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