Move “Reliable Sources” To Different Time Slot?

Interesting question raised in today’s Howie Kurtz chat:

    Arlington, Va.: Howie, why doesn’t Reliable Sources air at a time that is NOT against Meet the Press (and other Sunday morning shows)? Anyone who cares about news media analysis also likely cares about what’s happening on Meet the Press, as that is probably the most important political interview show of the week. It is maddening that CNN doesn’t do better at counterprogramming. Reliable Sources should air directly after Late Edition — I’m sure you’d find more viewers. And at least I’d be happy. Thanks.

    Howard Kurtz: Well, I’m not sure we’d be better off at 1 p.m. than 10 a.m., except on the West Coast. The competition is tough, but we’ve been holding our own. And you know, you can always tape or TiVo those OTHER shows. I’m also told that the newly available podcasts of Reliable Sources are doing quite well.

One other interesting question re: Woodward’s book sales:

    McLean, Va.: Regarding the Woodward book. Does the Washington Post make money off of the book too, or just Woodward? I can certainly understand a source wanting a full, lengthy accounting of their side of the story. But could there also be some newspaper economics involved? Lots of work by a top journalist should be getting more profit than what the daily paper can make off of it.

    Howard Kurtz: The Washington Post doesn’t get a cent from Woodward’s books. And Woodward is said to be, at his insistence, the lowest-paid reporter in the newsroom. Both sides continue the relationship because they believe it’s beneficial journalistically, but there’s no cash incentive here.