Mother‘s On a Roll

February saw Mother Jones’ highest ever online traffic. The site reported three million unique visitors last month, a pretty astounding 420% traffic increase. Online ad revenue shot up 200% as did followers of MJ’s Tumblr account. Twitter followers went up 28%, and Facebook fans increased by 20%.

Publisher Steven Katz says that MJ is “not only keeping up with the 24/7 news cycle, out reporters are shaping it.” The publication is “at the forefront of the future of journalism,” according to Katz, and the site credits several “major stories” with its success last month.

Among them are Andy Kroll’s coverage of the union protests in Wisconsin, Kevin Drum’s story on income inequality in America, and team coverage of the GOP’s “recent attacks on reproductive rights,” and an exposé on an Indiana deputy attorney general’s controversial remarks on his blog and Twitter account.

Read the full press release from MJ here.