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It’s Friday, so we’re rounding up our most popular stories and including the Comment of the Week, aka we’re “crowdsourcing” this blog post. Read on.

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Comment of the Week comes from Matt Britton talking about AOL and Seed at SXSW. He wrote:

“The AOL SXSW activation was really quite terrible. They had this beautiful set-up but when you entered the display nobody was there to greet you. In fact, nobody who visited the ‘Seed’ setup even knew what it was.

“I can clearly see why Mr. Armstrong was disappointed as were the many savvy SXSW consumers who confusingly entered this ‘elaborate’ experience.”

The initial post wast about the Seed WEBSITE, not the “lounge” at SXSW, but Britton does bring up an interesting point. For SXSW attendees, did you check out the Seed booth in the convention center? We met a employee and thought we saw some Seed workers explaining to people how the whole deal worked, but never saw direct evidence of it. However, Seed was giving out free Blue Moon and snack mix so we really can’t come down on the wrong side. If you weren’t swayed by free goodies, would you have dropped in? Did you think they were doing a good job of explaining Seed?

Image: Library of Congress