Morning Ritual: For You, My Queen

MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews has a sweet morning ritual he does for his wife, Kathleen, a former news anchor and now a corporate exec at Marriott. He wakes at 7 a.m. and brings her a skim latte in bed – and it’s not Starbucks, he makes it.

“I walk up and present it to the queen,” he said with a grin late last week in a Q & A Café interview with New York Social Diary blogger and host Carol Joynt.

Just for fun:

Next on his list of rituals: Reading the Washington Examiner. He appreciates the brevity of the stories; he circles and rips things out. “You’re not looking for a jump,” he said.

With whom would Matthews want to be stuck on a deserted island? This was among the questions he faced in the cafe. “This is absurd,” Matthews said. “How big is the island?” But he didn’t waver. It’s New York Magazine‘s John Heilemann. “He feels like my cousin sometimes,” the newsman said.

In case you missed the lengthier late Friday story, see it here.

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