Morning Reading/Watch List 01.22.13

1. President Obama blows Fallows’ mind. In a quick reaction post, The Atlantic‘s national correspondent James Fallows says how surprised he was by the President’s second inaugural address. He writes, “I was expecting an anodyne tone-poem about healing national wounds, surmounting partisanship, and so on.” Read here.

2. Has NBC’s goofball weatherman Al Roker lost his mind? He’s already shit his pants and went commando in the White House, so it’s really hard to go down from there. But Roker makes a valiant effort. NowThisNews features the “sharter-in-chief” at the Inauguration parade in which he makes such a spectacle of himself that the Vice President has to come say hi. “Al Roker wins today. He is ridiculous,” tweets Sarah Kenigsberg. Watch here.

3. WaPo‘s Wemple wants to save world from NYT’s Kantor. Kantor takes a much deserved beating from Wemple, who wonders why Jody Kantor keeps writing stories on the first couple without interviewing them. He’s right. It’s annoying already. It’s the NYT. They should be better than this. He writes, “It’s a story that would have benefited quite a bit from some direct input from President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.”