Morning Reading List 9.30.13

TV ain’t always not easy: On Sunday, Slate‘s Geoff Pullum took CNN’s Dana Bash to task for the way in which she expressed news of a possible, impending government shutdown. In it, he slowly dissects phrasing she used to articulate what she gathered by speaking to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Why you should read it: It’s not often that an author gets so affected by something that he has to put a damp cloth over his eyes. Read here.

If you’re not already miserable, give it time: CQ Roll Call‘s Steven Dennis offers this uplifting take on the situation on Capitol Hill. He writes about how the dysfunction on the Hill is apt to bring about a depressing holiday season. So forget joy. He even has congressmen who are so frustrated they’ve taken up chopping wood to relieve stress. “It’s not just frustrating, it’s maddening,” said Tennessee Rep. Jim Cooper, a Blue Dog Democrat who has long pushed for a grand bargain on the debt. “I’ve started chopping wood just to relieve the frustration,” he said.

Why you should read it: The story offers a more emotional side to how lawmakers are experiencing the potential shutdown. Read here.

Who thought Breaking Bad fizzled? writer finds Breaking Bad finale “ordinary”:‘s Ezra Dulis was pretty disappointed by last night’s finale. He said as much in his 1:46 a.m. writeup Monday morning. In it, he seems disappointed that Walt White was thrust into “good-guy-by-default territory.” He writes, “He embraces the fact that he was better as a criminal than an upright man, and that’s supposed to be the catalyst for his redemption?” He concludes saying Breaking Bad is one of the “best television dramas ever made,” but contests the ending was “easy” and “inevitable” and “ordinary.”

Why you should read it: To get infuriated, especially if you enjoyed the finale and if you appreciate loose ends being neatly wrapped up. Plus, it’s a good read. Read here.