Morning Reading List, 10.31.08

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Dan Rather is 77 today. Jane Pauley is 58. Rachel Bauer Taylor is also celebrating a birthbday. Most of you thought Obama’s Informercial was amazing. Variety reports, “Whether Barack Obama or John McCain wins the presidency next week, the Washington-Hollywood social nexus is likely to change.” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “My desk was made in 1961 — and there are no plans to replace it.”

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  • The New York Times reports, “McCain Attacks Los Angeles Times Over Its Refusal to Release ’03 Obama Video”. Fox News’ Bill Sammon writes, “The L.A. Times Is on Firm Journalistic Ground”

  • E&P’s Joe Strupp writes, “When The Christian Science Monitor called to tell me it was cutting its daily publication to essentially go all-Web, but I had to wait nearly a week to report it, I was sure the embargo wouldn’t last. Glad I was wrong.”

  • Politico reports, “A story about media bias against McCain brought Politico editors their largest reader outpouring to date. When Politico editors John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei tackled the subject of media bias Tuesday, they knew they were venturing into controversial territory. Still, they hadn’t predicted the most intense reader response Politico has ever received, with hundreds of e-mails pouring into their inboxes within hours of the story hitting the web. Some of the messages were downright hostile.”

  • Forbes reports, “Failing newspapers need to do more with less. Massachusetts-based start-up Helium thinks it can help by letting editors tap their readership for articles on the cheap.”

  • E&P reports, “At Least 46 Papers That Endorsed Bush in 2004 Have Now Switched to Obama “

  • Romenesko has a letter from Matt Baldwin, vice president of research, MediaNews Group, in response to, “Post, News Report Drops in Circulation.”

  • Content Bridges writes, “Newspaper people like to think of themselves as good storytellers. But, lately, newspaper execs find themselves with fewer good storylines to share. In fact, Gannett — the world’s largest newspaper company — is going to tell its official stories less often. Of course, we’ll see interim announcements, like yesterday’s stunning one that another 10% of its local workforce is getting the axe the first week in December. (To get the color of what that cut means, check out Jim Hopkins’ independent Gannett Blog today, with such tidbits as why ‘dead wood’ at USA Today is immune to the cuts, how the Indy Star could lose 95 positions and a building necrology of those to be cut.) … What’s most interesting about it is how hard it is to gauge print companies’ progress to digital, which is of course the key metric telling analysts, journalists and small-d democrats what the chances of their survival are.”

  • Ralph Hanson offers an “Analysis of the CS Monitor going online”

  • DC Statehood Green Party issued a release in response to “Stealth Candidacy” (The Post, Oct. 27), stating that the article “is full of distortions and misrepresentations of Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and her political background.” For more on the DC Statehood Green Party, click here.

  • Reuters reports, “Gannett will cut 10 percent of newspaper jobs”

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  • Catch Richard Hall’s screening of “American Feud: A History of Conservatives and Liberals” in Shirlington this Sunday. (Busboys and Poets, 4251 South Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA)

  • An ABC release announced, “ABC News’ ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos’ outperformed CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ among Total Viewers and the key Adults 25-54 demographic for Sunday, October 26, 2008, according to Nielsen Media Research. Among Total Viewers, this is the third week in a row ‘This Week’ beat ‘Face.’ With 3.36 million Total Viewers, ‘This Week’ posted its largest total viewing advantage over CBS (580,000) in 6 years. The program’s A25-54 advantage over CBS was 120,000.”

  • A CNN release announced, “CNN’s ‘Election Night in America’ coverage begins at 6 p.m. (ET) — one hour before the first polls close — with Wolf Blitzer leading the Best Political Team on Television along with Campbell Brown and Anderson Cooper from the Election Center headquarters in New York.”

  • A release announced, “According to Nielsen Media Research data, ‘Meet the Press’ was the most-watched Sunday morning public affairs program, winning the week ending Sunday, Oct. 26, 2008. The Brokaw-moderated program was No. 1, averaging 4.749 million total viewers”

  • A release announced, “On the eve of this historic election, ABC’s ‘World News with Charles Gibson’ will broadcast a special one-hour program on Monday, November 3 (6:30-7:30 p.m., ET). Gibson will anchor Monday’s broadcast from the Crossroads of the World, Times Square.”

  • A release announced, “ABC News’ ‘Nightline’ outperformed CBS’ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ among Total Viewers according to Nielsen Media Research for the week of October 20 2008. In addition, ‘Nightline’ continues to experience growth. The program increased among total viewers season-to-date, 4th quarter to date, week to week, and compared to last year. Note: ‘Leno’ and ‘Letterman’ aired repeats last week.”

  • Check out the promo for PBS’ “White House Chronicle,” where host Llewellyn King literally talks to the front end of a horse about her political ambitions.

  • B&C reports, “In a television news landscape where high-definition cameras and 3D graphics have become commonplace, CNN still has a few technical surprises in store for viewers of its election night coverage. One is the introduction of virtual elements into its real-world set at the Time Warner Center in New York, using virtual-set technology from graphics firm Vizrt and Israel-based sports enhancement specialist SportVu. CNN has created a 3D virtual model of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. to give a graphic representation of the impact of Senate races, which chief national correspondent John King will control from CNN’s touch-screen ‘magic wall.'”

  • The Huffington Post reports, “The mix and tone of political stories on NBC News broadcasts ‘Nightly News’ and ‘Today’ has not been affected by cable sibling MSNBC’s move to the left during this campaign, a nonpartisan study concluded on Tuesday. The conclusion by the Project for Excellence in Journalism bolsters the argument by NBC News executives that their straight-news broadcasts aren’t influenced by the left-wing prime-time talk shows hosted by Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC”

  • Salon reports, “How the most electrifying campaign of our time changed everything for Katie Couric, Campbell Brown and Rachel Maddow.”

  • MarketWatch reports, “Comcast profit soars on cable TV growth”

  • The Chicago Tribune reports, “Rupert Murdoch’s media group secured its third Olympic deal this year in Europe and soon could challenge for the most lucrative prize of all — the U.S. broadcast rights. The International Olympic Committee on Tuesday awarded the Turkish rights to the 2014 and 2016 Games to Fox Turkey, part of the Fox entertainment network owned by Murdoch”

  • Bloomberg reports, “Obama’s Record Fundraising Fails to Benefit TV Station Owners”

  • TVNewser reports, “Networks Prep New Technology For Election Night”

  • Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren writes, “Has it occurred to anyone in the cable news reporting business that the ONE person who should get acknowledged in ALL these articles about women on cable (and in prime) is Roger Ailes, CEO of FNC? Women don’t make it to prime time unless management decides to include women. I know it sounds weird to mention a man in the context of the ‘year of the woman’ but Roger actually has a record of making (and consistently making) sure women have high profile jobs at networks — meaning prime time.”

  • reports, “A Federal Communications Commission investigation of on-air military analysts is providing a glimpse of what Democrats and an Obama administration will do to critics once they capture Washington.”

  • TVNewser reports, “Christian Broadcasting Network senior correspondent, and CNN contributor, David Brody, will host a one-hour political roundtable show on CNN this weekend.”

  • Heritage Asks TV Stations to Stop Airing Obama’s Misleading Ad

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  • The CNN Pressroom is live! Check it out here.

  • Reuters reports, “Yahoo, AOL in due diligence on combination: source”

  • Check out Political News

  • A release announced, “The Kaiser Family Foundation is launching Kaiser Health News (KHN), an independent news service, to report on the nation’s complex health care system and the increasingly urgent political and policy debates surrounding it. The goal of the new effort is to provide in-depth coverage and news at a time when cash-strapped news organizations are being forced to scale back their efforts in this crucial area.” Check it out here.

  • A release announced, “, the first user-driven political media aggregation site for exposing media bias, launched a new online tool that gives users the power to know the political bias of the websites they are visiting on the Internet. Like,, and Reddit, Skewz compiles all the news in one place, but Skewz is completely specialized in political coverage.”

  • Guardian reports, “News technology firm Daylife launches aggregation portal”

  • Tech Crunch reports, “Blogger And Podcaster Media Network Looks To Turn Long Tail Blogging Into A Full-Time Job”

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  • has a “Q&A With Robert Draper”

  • DMNews reports, “The lights dim. The hip and young crowd holds its beers aloft and cheers as the com­edy trio Stella takes the stage. People in the VIP balcony mingle, quaff mixed drinks and help themselves to passing hors d’oeuvres while awaiting musical sets by local bands — all in celebration of New York’s 40th year in print. The anniversary party exemplified the cutting-edge pop culture edito­rial for which this regional — though nationally read — magazine has become known since it was founded in 1968. The sold-out crowd of 3,000 also proved that the magazine’s consumer marketing efforts in several channels have succeeded, increasing paid sub­scriptions by 13% since 2005.”

  • GQ’s “Mark Salter responds via BlackBerry to question the sourcing on my post regarding McCain snubbing Palin on the Straight Talk Express”

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  • reports, “Analyst: Sirius XM still overpriced”

  • “Diane Rehm and Kojo Nnamdi to chat pre and post-election on WAMU 88.5’s The Conversation Nov. 3 & 5”. Check it out here.

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  • Slate’s Jack Shafer writes, “The Liberal Media and How To Stop It”

  • Media Daily News reports, “Big Media Coming Apart At The Seams”

  • The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports, “Jerry Springer, the father of reality television, sat down to talk about his view of politics in next week’s election with me earlier this afternoon. … Springer cautions his friends in the media about creating resentment in Middle America by the way it has treated Sarah Palin. He added that that separation between the media and red state voters is dangerous for liberals.”

  • AdWeek reports, “Panel: Media Market Won’t Soon Rebound”

  • Politico’s Ben Smith looks “Inside the nastiest ’08 rumors”

  • The Los Angeles Times reports, “Hollywood may not be recession-proof this time”

  • Politico reports, “Experts warn of ‘bandwagon effect'”

  • Powerline asks, “Is ‘too late’ better than ‘never’?”

  • THR’s Paul Bond writes, “Tough month for Showbiz 50”

  • PRNewser reports, “Joe the Plumber’s Publicist: ‘Today Was One of the Busiest Days I’ve Had'”

  • Think Progress reports, “McCain Shocked That Obama Campaign Would ‘Boycott’ Hostile Media”

  • Now The Details writes, “In these last days before the election, the foreign media seems to be concentrating on a view of America that I don’t recognize. Looking at tv reports on the BBC, the CBC and France’s TV5, the overwhelming presentation of the American voter seems rooted in a stereotype. That stereotype is that of the unreconstructed American racist.”

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  • Elsevier is looking for a Reporter.

  • The Roanoke Times is looking for a Multimedia Producer.

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