Morning Reading List, 10.27.08

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Warren Christopher is 83 today. And — ready to feel old?!? — Simon LeBon is 50. Four years ago, the Boston Red Sox won their first World Series since 1918. Three years ago, Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court. Cynthia Kopkowski and Scott McCabe get a NY Times wedding announcement! It’s the birthday of Michael Calderone, Stuart Roy and Scott Shrake. You think Obama won last week. Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “My editor just asked me the address for our newspaper’s website. I thought she was joking. She was serious. Oh god.”

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  • This week’s classes include Intro to Magazine Writing, Public Relations Essentials and Advanced Freelancing.


  • AJR reports, ” Media critic Rachel Sklar plots her post-Huffington Post course.”

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  • Wall Street Journal reports, “Gannett May Reduce Payroll As Profit Falls”. The AP reports, “Gannett Co., the nation’s largest newspaper publisher, said Friday that its third-quarter profits fell 32 percent as advertising revenue declined, and new job cuts are likely as a result.”

  • MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman writes, “One of U2’s best and most popular songs is entitled, ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.’ But finally, the band’s lead singer, Bono, has found what he craves: respectability. Now he’s also going to be recognized as a pundit. You know who else has found what it’s looking for? The New York Times. The newspaper has announced that it will begin publishing Bono’s op-eds at an unspecified time next year.” Radar calls Bono “NYT’s Unforgettable Hire”

  • CJR reports, “The New York Post’s Page Six, the grande dame of old school gossip columns, has had its share of whoppers over the years. It added another notable correction to its archives this week after it reported that Michelle Obama had a craving for lobster and caviar while staying at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. Alas, there was no such meal. In fact, Mrs. Obama didn’t even stay at the hotel.”

  • reports, “AP Execs Explain Strategic Change — And What It Might Cost The Co-Op And Its Members”

  • Reuters reports, “Dallas Morning News publisher AH Belo Corp (AHC.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) on Friday became the latest U.S. newspaper owner to say it is changing the terms of its bank debt to run its business more flexibly during the world financial crisis. AH Belo, which also publishes The Providence Journal in Rhode Island, also said it is freezing employee salaries, effective Nov. 1.”

  • Washington Post’s Deborah Howell paints a “Picture of a Busy Week … A presidential endorsement brings more than 240 subscriber cancellations. A hoax has a Post ‘columnist’ revealing some ‘shocking’ things about a presidential candidate. A prominent Washingtonian appears alive in a picture, though he’s been dead more than a year. Plus a story about a congressional race runs with a picture of the wrong legislator. Another week in ombudsmanland.”

  • His Extreme-ness presents “a nifty chart of NY Times presidential endorsements, courtesy of the American Presidency Project”

  • MarketWatch reports, “AP extends olive branch to member newspapers”

  • The New York Post reports, “The New York Times Co. is considering cutting the rich dividend it pays to shareholders, including the controlling Sulzberger family, after its debt was cut to junk.”

  • The AP reports, “The New York Times Co. reported Thursday that its third-quarter profit dropped at least 51 percent but still beat Wall Street estimates as the newspaper industry continues to suffer from advertising reductions accelerated by a worsening economy.”

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  • Variety reports, “The Eye network is planning an extended, one-hour broadcast of ‘CBS Evening News With Katie Couric’ on Monday, Nov. 3, the eve of the presidential election.’

  • Bloomberg reports, “Walt Disney Co. and other media companies urged U.S. regulators to delay a vote on a plan to free up unused television airwaves for Internet access, saying the proposal risks disrupting TV signals for millions of viewers.”

  • Nielsen released “an analysis of Presidential advertising in the seven key swing states — Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Not surprisingly, Obama is running far more ads in these states than McCain. Altogether between October 6 and October 22, 2008 he placed 150% more ad (53,049 v. 21,106) than McCain. Obama’s advertising has been most prolific in Florida, where he ran 15,887 ads during this time, outpacing McCain’s 4,662 ads by 240%. … To see the day by day ad buys for each state, please check out our blog.

  • Politico’s Michael Calderone reports, “Chris Wallace, on ‘Fox New Sunday,’ said that Sarah Palin will not do any Sunday show in the entire campaign.”

  • The Examiner’s Jim Williams looks at “The woman behind the success of CSN”

  • The New York Observer reports, “In E-mail, ABC News President Tells Staff No Holiday Parties This Year; All Print Subs Canceled; Execs Must Stay at ‘B’ Hotels”

  • A release announced, “Join C-SPAN for White House Week! This 7-day television event kicks off on December 14 with the premiere of a 90-minute feature documentary, The White House: Inside America’s Most Famous Home — a C-SPAN original production. White House Week takes you beyond the velvet ropes to the private residence, sharing exclusive interviews with the First Family, the White House staff, and renowned presidential historians.”

  • During the monologue on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “an unnamed representative from an unnamed comedy institute presented Jimmy with the ‘Golden Horse Award’ for providing America’s 1,000,000th ‘John McCain Old’ joke and encouraged Jimmy to ‘keep beating it’ — referring to the dead horse the trophy displayed. While holding his prize high, Jimmy concluded his heartfelt acceptance speech by thanking John McCain’s parents, Adam and Eve, causing the audience to burst into laughter, to which he yelled over, ‘One million and one!'” Check out the monologue here.

  • Romenesko reports, “Ifill doesn’t have much to say about Queen Latifah’s ‘SNL’ performance”

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  • Washington City Paper reports, “ is among the many sites that’ve made a traffic killing off of the presidential race. September brought the second consecutive month of record-breaking traffic, with nearly 13 million unique users, up from just over 11 million in August.”

  • The AP reports, “Usage of newspaper Web sites grew nearly 16 percent in the third quarter, an industry group said Thursday. Together, newspapers averaged more than 68 million monthly unique visitors during the June-September period, compared with 59 million in the same quarter last year, the Newspaper Association of America said, citing a custom analysis by Nielsen Online.”

  • reports, “Sarah Palin ‘SNL’ Online Clips Soon to Eclipse TV”

  • Scott Rosenberg writes, “Just in time for me to include somewhere near the end of my book, there’s a little wavelet of argument out there suggesting that blogging is, well, over.”

  • TechCrunch reports, “The Now Wants to Become A Bastion Of Citizen Journalism”

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  • The New York Observer reports, “Radar editor Maer Roshan convened his staff late this morning and announced that the magazine would be shutting down immediately. Staffers are expected to clear out their desks by the end of the day. ‘The magazine is gone and the Web site is being reincarnated,’ said a Radar staffer who attended the meeting.”

  • Folio reports, “30 Layoffs at Time Inc.’s Southern Progress”

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  • DCRTV reports, “DCRTV hears that the annual Washington Quarter Century Broadcasters dinner will be held on Friday, 11/14, at the Rockville Hilton at 7 PM. For more information and to make reservations contact Anee Raulerson at…..”

  • Radio Online reports, “The FCC’s Media Bureau is seeking public comment on several recent filings in the Commission’s pending digital audio (HD Radio) proceeding. A group consisting of 18 broadcasters (that operate over 1200 commercial and non-commercial educational FM outlets) along with four of the largest manufacturers of transmitters is asking the agency to increase the maximum operating power.”

  • “Michelle XM” talks about her recent lay off.

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  • THR asks, “Sarah Palin: future media star?”

  • FishbowlLA looks at “Drudge vs. Wonkette — The Ashley Todd Debacle”. Fox’s John Moody has more here.

  • BusinessWeek offers “A Peek into the Plans at Bloomberg Media”

  • Salon presents “The punditocracy’s Seven Biggest Blunders of the 2008 election”

  • Romenesko asks, “Are the media treating the election like it’s over?”

  • Nieman Watchdog presents, “Ten questions to ask Sarah Palin”

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  • TPM Media (Talking Points Memo) is looking for a DC Politics Reporter.

  • CommonSense Media Inc. is looking for a Primary Ad Trafficker.

  • American Legacy Foundation is looking for a Communications Assistant.

  • The Gazette is looking for an Assistant Sports Editor.

  • The Virginian-Pilot is looking for Summer Interns.

  • PBS is looking for an Senior Associate, Video on Demand.

  • Gannett News Service is looking for a reporter for a TEMP position covering Congress for Arizona audience.

  • International Center for Journalists is looking for a full-time Program Officer-Health Journalism.

  • Regent University is looking for a Chair, Journalism Department.

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