Morning Reading List 10.04.12.

1. Obama in a wordPolitico‘s Patrick Gavin brings us a unique feature on the one word that kept coming up for President Obama repeatedly last night. That word? Professorial. From HuffPost to LAT to the NYT, they all used it. As to not ruin the feature, see it here.

2. Body language doesn’t lieThe Daily Beast‘s Lloyd Grove, formerly of WaPo, has a story out early this morning at 1 a.m. on the non-verbals employed by President Obama and Mitt Romney last night. What’s great about this story is Grove uses a body language expert to deliver a near minute by minute look at what’s happening. The result…”gaze down, compressed lips, head-tilt-side” and more. The entry at 10:05 p.m. is probably the most disturbing: “Romney highly aroused emotionally. Shows disagreement with kinetic head movements.”

3. A non-boring live-blog of the debate – Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett has an amusing writeup of his liveblog of last night’s presidential debate for The Atlantic. “I’m a partisan, so take my thoughts for what you will,” announces Lovett right out of the gate. On Romney: “Romney’s tone and manners are removed; they’re odd and tight and disconcerting. If you follow politics, you’re used to it. If you don’t, you’re not. You notice it. You wonder where he grew up and why he speaks like he’s one of the more well-off passengers on the Titanic. And it is striking.”