Morning Reading List, 09.05.06

  • The Washington Examiner’s new gossip/people/political column — “Yeas & Nays” — debuts today.

  • Yes, today is all about “Katie, Katie, Katie.” TVNewser — bless his soul — has got the exhaustive coverage (including a countdown). (Art Buchwald says, “Courage, Katie.

  • Is MSNBC getting downsized?

  • Out of the Spotlight, Newsmen Still Shine.”

  • Hey! Only six hooker ads today…That’s down from 12 on August 21. Deb Howell is smiling…

  • All of you sitting comfortably at your desk in Aeron chairs today have this manBill Stumpf — to remember and mourn.

  • New Questions About Inquiry in C.I.A. Leak

  • Howell discusses how Page 1 is created.

  • Hmm…read into this what you will:

      Nobody fronts the death of five U.S. and two British troops as a result of enemy fire in Iraq since Sunday.

  • From a reader:

      so now that the post has switched to mubai – does that mean we’re culturally insensitive if we still eat at the bombay club?

  • Sinclair To Delay 9/11 Doc

  • “FNC Down 24 Percent Vs. Summer 2005” (TVNewser)

  • Everyone’s eager for Katie Couric’s debut tonight…But does she even know her own network? (TVNewser)

  • “”Kidnappers Of FNC Journalists ‘Vow To Target Any ‘Infidel’ Visiting Palestinian Territories'”

  • Exclusive is all relative:

      > From an e-mailer: “Sept. 1 at 10:02am, CNBC advertises EXCLUSIVE Steve Liesman interview with Ben Bernanke. So what is this big ‘exclusive?’ CNBC was one of a gangbang of reporters and cameras following Bernanke walking out of the courthouse. And the funniest part is that WHILE THE SCREEN SAYS EXCLUSIVE the CNBC air shows Bernanke walking over to Bloomberg’s Kathleen Hayes and answering questions…” Correction: 3:01pm: “CNBC did do an exclusive interview with Fed Chair Ben Bernanke,” an e-mailer says. “We asked him a couple of questions and he answered them. No other cameras anywhere in site.”

    • From a reader:

        I just captured this ironic error off the Washington Post website front page a few minutes ago–it has already been fixed: Potomac AP Barrior Cracked For the first time in four years, students at high school in Prince George’s pass the test.

    • Further proof that the tension between The Washington Post and is freakishly real (and stupid):

        That Carr caption error was in “The Post”? Or does Wonkette not know the difference between a newspaper and a Web site?

    • CNN’s Situation Room Kicks off Mid-term Election Coverage (full release after the jump

      With Labor Day marking the traditional start of the mid-term election season, CNN’s The Situation Room will air a week of reports from the network’s top political correspondents delving into the variables that will determine the political balance of power in the U.S. Congress.

      Senior political correspondent Candy Crowley will report on the major races and issues throughout the week. First, Crowley will provide an overview of the 2006 political landscape and how Iraq and the war on terrorism are affecting President George W. Bush as well as Republican and Democratic candidates. On Thursday, Sept. 7, and Friday, Sept. 8, Crowley will examine the role of “values voters” — those who choose candidates based on high-profile social issues — and the consequences the 2006 election could have for the 2008 election.

      Many of Crowley’s reports will also air on CNN’s American Morning, Paula Zahn Now and Anderson Cooper 360°.

      Congressional correspondent Dana Bash will be reporting from Illinois’ 6th congressional district. The race for this open seat, held by retiring Republican Rep. Henry Hyde for more than three decades, is one of the most competitive in the nation as Iraq war veteran and Democrat Tammy Duckworth and Republican state Sen. Peter Roskam vie for votes. CNN correspondent Mary Snow will report live from Connecticut on the Senate campaigns of incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman and Democratic primary winner Ned Lamont.

      Senior political analyst Bill Schneider will explain the latest political polls throughout the week for The Situation Room. These polls, conducted by Opinion Research Corp., examine the public’s views on Congress, political parties and top issues that could affect U.S. elections in 2006 and beyond.

      Then following on the heels of Labor Day week, The Situation Room will provide comprehensive coverage and analysis of the Sept. 12 primaries and their fall-out, including Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chafee’s primary challenge from the Cranston Mayor Stephen Laffey.

      CNN’s The Situation Room, anchored by Wolf Blitzer, airs from 4-6 p.m. and again from 7-8 p.m. (ET) The program combines traditional reporting methods with the newest innovative online resources, making the entire process of newsgathering more transparent and placing the latest news and information at the viewers’ fingertips. Political director Sam Feist is the show’s executive producer. Transcripts are available at