Morning Reading List, 07.09.08

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Huffington Post looks at “The Lara Logan Non-Story Story.” It’s the birthday of Donald Rumsfeld. We made Writer’s Digest list of 101 Best Websites for Writers. Overserved: Magazines claiming that other magazines ripped off their magazine cover design. 34 years ago, Justice Earl Warren passed away. Sen. Lindsay Graham turns 53 today. Overserved: Seeing (new BBC analyst) Ted Koppel on every single television show over the past few days. What do camera guys do between shots? We spotted one on a lawn chair outside the Washington Hilton yesterday with Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki’s and Sharon Lechter’s best-selling book on financial independence. What journos were at the Kalorama home of Juleanna Glover Thursday? Jackie Kucinich, Amy Holmes, Dana Milbank, Erin McPike and Jonathan Beale and his wife, Sarah Beale. Brian Stelter’s Twitter status yesterday: “Ted Koppel called a few minutes early. His best line: ‘When I’m promoting a show for program for Discovery I turn into a giant media slut.'” Playbook reported yesterday, “BIRTHDAY palooza; It’s Jim Miklaszewski’s birthday. (Hat tip: Courtney Kube) … Nick SIMPSON, press secretary to Mr. Blunt, is a birthday boy. (Hat tip: Matt Mackowiak) … It’s Steve Holland’s birthday. (Thank you, Birthday Alarmer.)” In The Wall Street Journal, Philippe Reines shares his “Plan to Help the Airlines.” The Washington City Paper spotted a “Typo in K-Wey’s Announcement.” E&P reports, “Downie and Bradlee Welcome ‘Outsider’ Brauchli.” AJR reports, “Katharine Weymouth quickly makes her mark as the Washington Post’s publisher.” And His Extreme-ness dares to explore the Brauchli pronounication along with Slate. Washington City Paper invites you to “Choose Most Inspirational Brauchli Sound Bite!” Newsweek looks at “The challenges ahead for the Washington Post’s new editor.” Most of you are not going to either convention. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I was going to work late tonight but I’m too depressed.” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time.

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  • A NBC release announced, “According to Nielsen Media Research data, ‘NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams’ was the most-watched network evening newscast, winning the week of June 30, 2008 in total viewers, homes and the key demographic adults 25-54. For the week, ‘Nightly News’ attracted 7.376 million total viewers.”

  • An ABC release announced, “For the week of June 30-July 4, ‘ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson’ averaged 6.89 million Total Viewers and a 1.6/7 among Adults 25-54, placing second. … Additionally, ‘World News’ ranked first among Women 25-54.”

  • Washington City Paper reports, “Laptops, Tryst Baffle Fox News Reporter”

  • Check out the latest status update from Fox 5’s Dave Benz and his latest on the path to recovery.

  • Politico reports, “Networks may limit convention coverage”

  • Gawker reports, “Chris Matthews is actually incapable of conceiving of ‘regular people’ who aren’t him. Which is to say, aging white men with blue-collar backgrounds, probably from the eastern seaboard. The stream-of-consciousness pundit just came out and explicitly said it on his show yesterday”. Media Matters reports, “Matthews: ‘Can Obama now win over the regular folks, white folks, against John McCain?'”

  • Learn how Tim Russert saved Michael Bicks’ life.

  • TVNewser’s Alissa Krinsky presents, “5 Questions For… Greta Van Susteren.”

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  • Silicon Alley Insider reports, “We were outraged last month when we read that a low-level employee of Internet Broadcasting Services, who scooped NBC on Tim Russert’s death by updating his Wikipedia page, had been fired. Good news: We were wrong!”

  • James Joyner asks, “Blog Linking Less Important?”

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  • A NPR release announced, “NPR Senior News Analyst Ted Koppel will guest-host the Wednesday, July 9 edition of NPR’s midday news-talk show Talk of the Nation. The two subjects to be covered during the two-hour program are China/U.S. relations, particularly in light of the energy shortages; and living with cancer, with ‘My Cancer’ blogger Leroy Sievers and Elizabeth Edwards as guests.”

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  • David Corn writes, “Political reporters are wondering if McCain aides are vetting the journalists who ask questions during campaign conference calls for the media. The evidence suggests they are; the campaign won’t say.”

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  • C-SPAN is looking for a Manager of Technical Operations.

  • Politico is looking for a Vice Presidents of Sales.

  • New America Foundation is looking for a Manager, Media Relations.

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