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WSJ: Gannett Co., the largest U.S. newspaper publisher by daily circulation, will cut between 1,000 and 2,000 jobs out of its 41,500-person work force in response to continuing revenue declines. The cuts will come from the U.S. Community Publishing division, which consists of more than 80 local dailies.


Check out mediabistro’s Laurel Touby on Carlos Watson’s 11am hour on MSNBC today.

The Pew Research Center reports TV news devoted 28 hours to Michael Jackson coverage and 93% of cable airtime (h/t TVNewser). Early in the week the media gave ongoing attention to protests over the Iranian election. And by the end of the week Iran filled 19% of the newshole, making it the No. 1 topic of the week. By Wednesday attention shifted to the third biggest story of the week – the affair of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. But the passing of the “King of Pop” on Thursday, the #2 story of the week, dominated late week coverage. The TV nets devoted more than 28 hours to Jackson’s life and death. The cable nets devoted 93% of their airtime to Jackson on Thursday and Friday.

Tom Shales’ in WaPo on why TV critics are needed more than ever: “Sadly, there are people who maintain that TV critics are anachronisms, unnecessary luxuries in a fidgety digital age. Unfortunately, some of those people happen to be newspaper editors. At more than just a handful of papers around the country, the job has simply been abolished.”


TVNewser profiles Aaron Brown and asks about Twitter. He’s doing a PBS series “Wide Angle.” “My students made me open a Twitter account, but I have never Twittered or read a Tweet,” he says. “It’s self-indulgent nonsense. I don’t get it. I’m 60. I’m not sure I’m supposed to get this stuff.”


Vibe Magazine is shutting down.


About that Todd Purdum piece on Sarah Palin in VFPolitico: “A hard-hitting piece on Sarah Palin in the new Vanity Fair has touched off a blistering exchange of insults among high-profile Republicans over last year’s GOP ticket — tearing open fresh wounds about leaks surrounding Palin and the internal wars that paralyzed the campaign in its final days.”

And Craig Crawford in CQ: “Now they tell us. John McCain’s staffers are lining up to anonymously trash Sarah Palin and feed a news media assault against the 2008 GOP running mate. These pathetic wimps offer nothing but unattributed quotes to Vanity Fair saying they felt she wasn’t up to snuff and whining that she refused to properly study up on policy issues.”


AP’s David Bauder writes about the selective coverage of the Obama girls, Sasha and Malia. “Images are great when they can be controlled. And when it comes to the Obama kids, the White House can be very controlling. Sasha and her 10-year-old sister Malia have been shielded carefully from the public, but they are by no means invisible.”

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