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Sunday was Brit Hume’s birthday. 51 years ago, the last “I Love Lucy” aired. 26 years ago, the Equal Rights Amendment was defeated. Petra Nemcova is 29.

Can you answer this week’s Political Trivia from CQ?

On the “Big Post Meeting Today?” post, reader “hypnotoad3000” said, “Oh good, now maybe his successor will have the brains to fire William ‘US soldiers are mercenaries with excessive amenaties’ Arkin. That should be step one in getting the Post’s credibility back.”

23/6 added “helpful closed-captioning for any disillusioned supporters” of Barack Obama, to explain his decision to rely on private donations.

CampusProgress brings us yet another intern guide.

Christopher Hitchens writes, “The media goes overboard with ‘the Russert Miracles.'”

Viva Chuck Todd offers, “A first-person experience from one of our readers — Tim Russert’s Memorial Service”

You think that Tom Brokaw as interim “Meet” host is a smart move for NBC.

Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “One reason this industry is going down the tubes is because so many old-school editors have the same sense of entitlement that so many of the journalists who post on here display. You think they owe you high-paying jobs; they think the community owes them subscriptions.”

Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time.

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  • A release announced, “Air America Media ( has named radio industry veteran Bill Hess its Senior Vice President of Programming beginning in mid-July. His responsibilities at the national progressive talk radio network will include supervising the creation and delivery of quality programming, and overseeing the editorial content of”

  • New York Times reports, “Veronis Suhler Stevenson, a media-focused private equity firm, will announce Thursday that it has hired the former president of AOL Media Networks as a senior adviser on a non-exclusive basis. The appointment of Michael J. Kelly, who held that AOL position from 2004 to 2007, is part of VSS’s effort to seek out more acquisitions in the digital media field. Over the past year, the firm has made four investments in companies with significant digital components.”

  • For those wondering why Washington Flyer’s Lauren Kennedy is no longer on the masthead, she’s moved to a consulting role for the magazine and managing editor Meredith Stanton is running the ship nowadays.”

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  • New York Times reports, “Thomson Reuters is going hard after Bloomberg L.P., which has long been the marquee name on Wall Street for financial information”

  • Regarding this post on Woodward, a reader sent us this, “Another one: Carl Bernstein called the people organizing the Russert services on Tuesday inquiring about the status of his invitation to the memorial service. They asked him to hold so they could check the invite list. He said, ‘I may be listed next to Bob Woodward.'”

  • New York Times reports, “Papers Facing Worst Year for Ad Revenue”

  • The Guardian reports, “Wall Street Journal to be ‘best in world’ says Murdoch”

  • J. Todd Foster writes, “In Wake Of The Mitchell Affair, Readers Rally For Region”

  • A reader tells us, “Wash Post Travel editor KC Summers and Travel writer Cindy Loose took buyouts…so that left deputy Travel editor John Deiner. But he got tired of waiting around for the editors to decide whether he would move up to the big job so he gave notice last Friday that he’s leaving to work for Zagat Guides. Not sure who will put out the travel section come July!”

  • Wall Street Journal reports, “The Orlando Sentinel landed on newsstands Sunday with a new layout featuring more graphics, quick-read digests of top news, blog summaries and other changes aimed at making the newspaper more appealing to harried readers.”

  • Craig Newmark talks to about CraigList’s effect on newspapers.

  • The New York Observer reports, “This morning in a classroom at the CUNY School of Journalism, Robert Thomson gave his first public speech as managing editor of The Wall Street Journal at a kick-off event for a conference for South Asian Journalists Association. In Mr. Thomson’s remarks, and in a question-and-answer session that followed, he said The Journal would most likely move to News Corp.’s headquarters next spring, would be redesigned in the fall and that, yes, The Journal is still a business paper.”

  • Pittsburgh Review-Journal reports, “Trib Total Media will eliminate seven weekly newspapers and expand eight others as part of a realignment and strategic repositioning of the publications it acquired from Gateway Press Inc. in 2003.”

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  • E&P reports, “Joseph Nocera of The New York Times and Ken Auletta of The New Yorkers were among the winners of the annual Mirror Awards today, handed out at a luncheon in the Rainbow Room at 30 Rock in New York City. The late Tim Russert, as was planned months ago, was honored with the Fred Dressler Lifetime Achievement Award. NBC anchor Brian Williams accepted it for him and delivered a brief tribute.”

  • Politico’s Michael Calderone reports, “Fox edits Russert line from ‘Family Guy'”

  • MinOnline reports, “New York’s Mirror Awards Luncheon, Tim Russert Will Be Posthumously Honored By The Newhouse School Of Journalism”

  • New York Times reports, “Reporters Say Networks Put Wars on Back Burner”

  • Bloomberg reports, “Comcast Corp., the largest U.S. cable-television operator, agreed to carry the Big Ten college sports conference’s new network beginning Aug. 15, in time for the 2008 football season.”

  • New York Times’ Decoder reports, “’60 Minutes’ is creating a new unit devoted to international and digital extensions of its brand. The unit, 60 Minutes Global, will develop local versions of the CBS program in other countries.”

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  • Bloomberg reports, “Google Inc. has the best reputation among large corporations in the eyes of U.S. consumers, helped by a perception that it treats employees fairly, a research firm found.”

  • New York Times reports, “The lesson from the death of NBC News host Tim Russert seems to be this: as long as there is news, people will try to share it. And new technology makes that easier.”

  • “CQ Politics is pleased to introduce SpyTalk, a new blog dedicated to sharing the latest news and rumblings from the ‘U.S. intelligence community, its overseers on Capitol Hill, from the astounding breath of experts in Washington’s think tanks, and [Stein’s] awesome fellow columnists and bloggers who specialize in national security issues.’ As a veteran CQ columnist and homeland security expert, Jeff Stein writes, “With U.S. troops and secret warriors fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and carrying the battle to al Qaeda in back alleys around the world, this is serious business.”

  • Crain’s New York Business reports, “The New York Times is reworking its global branding and coverage with the International Herald Tribune and may combine their two Web sites.”

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  • MarketWatch reports, “Shares of Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. and XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. fell sharply Thursday after Goldman Sachs analyst Mark Wienkes issued a negative long-term outlook for the companies, saying demand for satellite radio is diminishing.”

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  • PRWeek reports, “An unstable media landscape has journalists seeking PR positions”

  • His Extreme-ness presents, “Top Ten Funniest Political Quotes So Far In 2008”

  • On Monday, June 30, from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., the National Press Club presents a panel of polling experts to “discuss how to avoid the common mistakes that journalists make reporting on polls, how to write effective and intriguing poll stories, polling resources available to reporters, how to cut through the spin of partisan polling, and other topics.” There is no charge for the event but reservations are necessary. Please RSVP to (202) 662-7501.

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  • Berlyn Inc./The Prince George’s Sentinel is looking for a Managing Editor.

  • Spectrum Science Communications is looking for a Creative Director.

  • NPR is looking for a Research Analyst.

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