Morning Reading List 02.26.09

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Its day 38 covering the Obama administration and week 4 for us.

What we know and what we’re reading this Thursday morning…



Fourth quarter profit at WaPo plunged 77 percent. This is the ninth consecutive quarter of declining profits. From the AP: Like most publishers across the United States, the company’s publications have been losing advertising revenue to the Internet for several years… Unlike many other publishers, the Post company has a safety net- two large divisions that aren’t dependent on advertising. Its educational unit, Kaplan, and cable TV arm, Cable One, have been doing so well that they collectively bring in far more money than the ailing newspaper and magazine divisions that had once been the company’s cornerstones.”

WaPo announced changes yesterday to continue the paper’s merge of online and print-’s Opinions Editor Marisa Katz and her team move downtown to work with the print Opinions team and editorial page editor Fred Hiatt oversees both print and online Opinion content. From the memo: “This move will significantly help our print team leverage and benefit from the interactive expertise we have built up in the online Opinion space under Marisa. “

From the New York Observer: “Hey, You Media Wimps! If You Want to Save Newspapers, Learn to Love Your iPhones, Then Go Join Facebook”


Nielsen estimates 52 million viewers tuned in to President Obama’s address to the nation Tuesday, across ten national networks. Last year’s address was seen by approximately 37.5 million viewers, 62 million in 2003 (pre-Iraq War) and 52 million in 2002 (post-9/11).


NY Post reports that NYT is scaling back the number of issues it publishes of T, the fashion and lifestyle magazine from 15 times a year to 12.

Also from the NY Post, Media Ink reports things are “Getting Nasty at Conde.” “While the industry is down 24 percent in ad pages so far in the first quarter, many of Conde’s venerable titles are down 30 percent. Start-up mag Portfolio is down a staggering 60 percent, while Wired is off 57 percent.”


A great piece in Sunday’s WaPo (I know, I know, its Thursday, but worth another look) Sid Davis, Ari Fleischer, Helen Thomas, Sam Donaldson, Dana Perino and Dan Rather offer their perspectives on questioning the President. From Davis, former VP and Washington bureau chief of NBC News: “The Bush administration practice of each reporter saying “Thank you, Mr. President,” before even asking a question was also maintained. In the olden days, there was only one “Thank you, Mr. President” per news conference, shouted by the senior wire service reporter, and it formally ended the session.”


Not all bad news for you budding journos… Poynter just announced a new tuition scholarship program, made possible by a general support grant from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and proceeds from the book “President Obama,” a collection of election and inaugural newspaper covers published by Poynter and Andrews McMeel. More info can be found here.

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