Morning Rant With a Side of Profanity

This feature is normally called “Anonymous Rant.” But today the writer wants to be on the record, and his wish is our command. This rant is by labor journalist Mike Elk, who had a radioactive reaction to today’s Work Summit hosted by The Atlantic.

Saw on your site those fucking toolbags at the Atlantic are holding a “New Work Era Summit” at Neuseum. Funny thing is they didn’t invite a single union leader or, you know, like a regular worker. Instead, they invited plenty of people who are union busters like Michelle Rhee, Arne Duncan, and that fucking asshole from ManpowerGroup. Temps aren’t anything but scabs.

You see what I fucking deal with in this town, nobody has any fucking respect or understanding of workers and the workplace. Instead, we see Matt Yglesias as the voice of the people on a panel about work that’s really fucking scary.

UPDATE: An Atlantic Spokesperson wrote in to say: “Consistent with The Atlantic’s practice of convening conversations where a wide range of views are represented, the AFL-CIO’s Thea Lee took part in a round table discussion this morning on jobs and the economy that preceded the broader New Work Era Summit.  A range of voices from government, business, and academia also participated in today’s events.”

Editor’s note: The commenter also references Michelle Rhee and Matt Yglesias. They both contributed to a special report on (“The Great Jobs Debate”) and were not in attendance at today’s event.

UPDATE: Our cussing labor reporter Elk responds: “What load of shit from embarrassed Atlantic flacks. So let me get this right AFL CIO Chief of Staff Thea Lee spoke at the event before registration for the event or introduction remarks happened… Bullshit, Sounds to me like one of The Atlantic‘s corporate underwriter of the summit, the notorious union busting association ‘National Association of Manufacturers,’ didn’t want labor prominently featured anywhere among the dozen or so speakers at the event. The Atlantic taking money from NAM to host a labor event is extraordinarily unethical, someone needs to resign over this. “