Morning Oopsy: The Olitico Edition

Every morning, we lay down our bets on what time Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook will come out. You never know. Some mornings, it shows up in the 5am ET hour. Other times, it creeps into mid-morning. (It came out halfway through the 8am ET hour on Wednesday morning.)

Maybe Allen was in TOO much of a hurry to rush out his Politico Playbook on Wednesday morning, because he had a bit of an oopsy. Oh, nothing major…  He just botched the name of his publication in the subject line of the email that he sends to THOUSANDS of readers. No biggie. He blasted his “OLITICO Playbook” out to his confused readers. Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time that Allen has called called his employer “Olitico.” In June, we pointed out the initial problem.

Why exactly is Allen hurriedly pushing past his “p”s? We’ll keep you updated here in the ishbowl.