Morning Oopsy: th vs. ff

Here in the Fishbowl we love reporting on other people’s mistakes. And, oh yeah, we occasionally make them too. Just this morning I wrote the word “pubicist” and forgot the ever important “l”. That penis graphic may have had something to do with it. The publicist wrote and remarked, “Hi-there is a small typo in the word ‘publicist’  it is missing an ‘l'”. And another publicist added, “Let’s be honest, Most publicists are pubicists. Totally interchangeable.”

With that admission out of the way, we move on to “Morning Oopsy.” As most everyone knows, Politico‘s Mike Allen is the keeper of Washington’s birthday scene. Joan VandeHei (mother of Jim, Johnny and Julie) is still reeling from his relentless pursuit of her birthday. This morning Allen includes Washington’s hometown magazine editor Garrett Graff, Editor of Washingtonian, in the famed birthday section. Only Graff isn’t Graff, he’s Garrett Grath.

“BIRTHDAYS: Romney Ohio spokesman Christopher Maloney … CFPB’s Chris Vaeth … Garrett M. Grath, editor of The Washingtonian (J.P. Fielder: ‘We’re no longer calling him ‘astonishingly young.’)”

Happy Birthday Graff! We love you, no matter how much seersucker you wear, how many goofy lists you create and how much Scotch you swill while not disclosing that DISCUS paid for you to go on that trip to Scotland.