Morning Oopsy: PortChester Patch is the Bomb

Much like Precious and Gov. Chris Christie, there is so much to love about a story published in the PortChester Patch. But this story caught our eye. It’s on Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson’s speaking engagement at the Business Council of Westchester’s annual dinner Tuesday evening at the Hilton in Rye Brook, NY.

The tally of mistakes in this short three-graph brief is: 4. Number of blurry photographs of Carlson: 1 (no, you haven’t been slipped funky eye drops without your knowledge, this is the picture they used). Number of photographs in the piece: 1.

Let’s begin. 1. His name. They spell it Calrson. 2. They call him the “found” of The Daily Caller. 3. This isn’t an error, but they hilariously inform readers that the election (you know, the one for President of the United States?) is just two weeks away, a fact that they have confirmed through a Business Council press release. 4. Just in case you wanted to read more on the topic, their hot topic words include “busienss” and “counci.”

Sure, we know what they mean, but really? Citizen journalism here we come!

See the graph in question…