Oopsy! City Paper Serves Up Yummy ‘Cervix’

Washington City Paper likes to be quirky. We can appreciate that. But today in their latest issue on page 29: They’re paraphrasing Dennis Marron, a chef at Penn Quarter’s Poste Moderne Brasserie, talking about how to make a salad with sorrel greens. They say “herb-heavy salad with mint, basil, cervix, parsley, celery greens and mixed lettuces.”

Pretty sure they meant chervil, not cervix. Like most people, we enjoy spleen mashed potatoes with a pinch of garlic every now and then. But not many diners we know want cervix in their salad. The cervix, by the way, according to trusty Wikipedia, is the “lower narrow portion of the uterus where it joins with the top end of the vagina.”

We asked WCP Editor Mike Madden about the error. He replied, “As anyone who sat through 5th grade sex ed probably realized, that recipe should have called for chervil, not cervix. Embarrassingly, the typo was in the original draft, which means our writer, three line editors, a copy editor, and a final proofreader all read right past it the way it appeared in print. Apparently City Paper needs to line up some staff seminars on either herbs or biology, or both. We’ll fix it before posting it online, and an appropriately sheepish correction will run next week.