Morning Media Newsfeed: Net Neutrality Passes at FCC Vote | Daily News Explores Sale

Net neutrality wins at FCC vote. New York Daily News explores possibility of sale. These stories and more in today's Morning Media Newsfeed

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Net Neutrality: FCC Reclassifies ISPs as Common Carriers (SocialTimes)
After months of planning and political wrangling, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has finally voted on net neutrality rules to reclassify Internet service providers as “common carriers,” which means that ISPs are subject to the same rules as other utilities. FishbowlDC It was a 3-2 decision. This vote preserves for now the principle of net neutrality, the idea that Internet service providers should not be able to provide preferential treatment, such as Internet fast lanes to those willing to pay for it, or slow down or block the sites of those who are not willing to pay for faster speeds. Court challenges to the rules are expected. Deadline Supporters say the changes are essential to protect competition as media and communications increasingly reach people via a handful of cable and phone companies — often local monopolies or oligopolies. The Internet “has redefined commerce and entertainment” and is “the ultimate vehicle for free expression,” FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said. It “is too important to be left without rules and a referee on the field.” WSJ The FCC also voted to overrule laws in two states that made it harder for cities to offer their own Web service. Netflix said the day was a win for consumers. Telecom and cable industry groups said the decisions opened the door to heavy-handed regulation that would hurt innovation. The Verge President Obama said, in a statement, that the FCC’s decision “will protect innovation and create a level playing field for the next generation of entrepreneurs.” Adweek Mitchell Baker, executive chairwoman of Mozilla, was optimistic: “This is an enormous step forward in helping us all protect the openness and innovation that has made the online life and the Internet so remarkable to date.” Comcast, which will probably have to radically realign its blueprint for the next few years, issued a fairly imperious statement asserting the exact opposite of Baker’s assessment; that the openness of the Web thus far has entirely been a function of market freedom. The New Yorker It is a substantial achievement for the Obama Administration and Wheeler, and also for the many groups that fought hard for the outcome. But it also is a moment to reflect back on the process over the last year that led here, and figure out why what so many people thought they knew turned out to be wrong.

Zuckerman Seeks Buyer for NY Daily News (Financial Times)
Mort Zuckerman, the billionaire real estate mogul, has hired Lazard to find a buyer for the New York Daily News, the tabloid newspaper he has owned since 1993. FishbowlNY Zuckerman began by explaining that although he had not been in the market, a recent inquiry about interest in selling the paper led him to decide to more formally look into the possibility. Capital New York “I have not come to this decision easily,” Zuckerman wrote to staff Thursday. “But I believe the immense hard work in turning the business around in an extremely challenging period for the industry, has put the Daily News in as strong a position than it has ever been, particularly online.” WSJ With splashy photos, screaming headlines and a tabloid format that appeals to subway commuters, the Daily News has long had a prominent place in New York’s media scene, offering up a mix of political, celebrity and sports news. It has been engaged for decades in a cutthroat battle for supremacy with the New York Post, which is owned by News Corp. Both papers have struggled financially. NYT The Daily News’ print and digital circulation was 427,452 on weekdays and 558,057 on Sundays for the six months ending in September, the most recent figures available, according to the Alliance for Audited Media. The Post had a circulation of 497,878 during the week and 454,007 on Sunday, by the same measure.