Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“It’s all about willpower. … I became a vegetarian. I started working out.” — MSNBC’s Al Sharpton last night on how he shed pounds to Ed Schultz. Schultz began the segment on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie‘s weight issue by telling Sharpton, “You used to be one big dude.”

Writer has “terrifying flashbacks”

“Watching the Buick commercial where the dance instructor pairs the tallest girl with the shortest boy is giving me terrifying flashbacks.” — Megan McArdle, special correspondent for Newsweek/The Daily Beast.

Scarred for life?

“No breast slips…no nipples, no thongs. They’re keeping it clean.”– NYT Communications Asst. Jordan Cohen’s mom to Jordan regarding the Grammys.

The self-aware blogger 

“I have been venting in about 6 people’s text messages today. I need to sit down and woosah.” — Javonni Brustow, blogger.

TV reporter finds his inner Britney Spears

“Close call at gym. Britney’s ‘Gimme More’ came on. Started shimmying my shoulders. Caught myself before anyone noticed, I, I think.” — ABC7 reporter Stephen Tschida.

Politico reporter gets in Jose Canseco’s virtual grill

Jose Canseco: “Your value is not how good you are it is how you make others better.”

Jake Sherman, Politico: “Is this why you deceived mlb by doing steroids?”


Shhh cabbie!

“I am not in the mood, talkative cab driver.” — The Daily Caller Taylor Bigler.

The Piers & Dana Show and meet the new members of the FishbowlDC Fan Club Board.Morgan asks Loesch: “Are you stupid?”

The Piers & Dana Show is an online and televised series of continuous arguments between CNN’s Piers Morgan and conservative radio host Dana Loesch. This exchanged transpired on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

Dana Loesch: “And all gun use is criminal, right?”

Piers Morgan: “No. Are you being stupid, obtuse or both?”

FishbowlDC Fan Club Board

President: WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten

Biggest new admirer: WaPo‘s Think Tank (giant yawn) blogger Allen McDuffie

Party skills: DCist‘s Ben Freed

Dominican travel guide:‘s Matthew Boyle

Head Cheerleader: Slate‘s Dave Weigel

Spiritual advisor: and Essence’ Sophia Nelson

Occasional Tarot Card reader and tweeting coach: Politico‘s Jonathan Martin