Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“Sunrise on the Potomac at Key Bridge in Georgetown.” — NBC Washington cameraman Jim Long with the accompanying photograph.

Convo Between Two Journos

This morning’s conversation is between NYT’s Mark Leibovich and Atlantic’s Molly Ball.

Ball: “Back in the office, and there is a No Labels robocall on my voice mail.”

Leibovich: “I label that annoying…labels can be useful that way.”

Someone swipes journo’s newspaper

“Someone took my newspaper off the lawn. That’s pretty much a felony around these parts. #thissuburbanlife.” — NYT‘s media writer David Carr. (Sign of the times? Yesterday we reported that NBC News reporter Kasie Hunt’s Advise and Consent was snatched off her doorstep.)

From the Dept. of Bragiculture I: “Congratulations to the Morning Joe team. We were the #1 cable news morning show in Washington DC in the demo. Great job!” — MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

The Media Observers

Pro: “Bless @rolandsmartin for bringing the funk to that ridic skeet shooting segment on @OutFrontCNN tonight.” — BuzzFeed‘s Dorsey Shaw.

Con: “Roland Martin, David Frum, and Marsha Blackburn now debating Obama going skeet shooting on Erin Burnett #wtf” — BuzzFeed‘s Zeke Miller.

Important Q to Ponder: “What if most of the outside of our bodies looked like the stuff underneath the tongue? Would we ever have sex?” — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten. Um, Gene, are you feeling okay?

From the Dept. of Bragiculture II: “Schieffer is very much a man of talking points. He’s giving Kalb the same lines he gave me in our interview in October. For that matter, they’re all saying a lot of the same things they told me in October.” — Politico‘s Dylan Byers at an event with presidential debate moderators put on by Marvin Kalb and the George Washington Global Media Institute. He is, of course, referring to CBS “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer, who isn’t characteristically a man of talking points. A question to ask ourselves: Why bother going to events when you can just read Dylan Byers?

Journo spellbound by Shakespeare play

“I’m here @FolgerLibrary for commanding production of Henry V; can’t take my eyes of lead actor; magnetic show so far.” — Bloomberg‘s Stephanie Green.

Politico Playbook publish time: 4:48 a.m. editor rips Slate‘s Weigel for being unfunny and a GOP press aide with an occasional temper goes to work for the NRSC. Editor to Weigel: Improve your humor. “You should ease up on the snark, or at least make it funnier.” — Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollack. Dave Weigel’s response? “Hier stehe ich, ich kann nicht anders”

Reporters: Beware?

“It’s true! Honored to join the team at the @NRSC. Looking forward to a great cycle and turning the Senate more red.” — Brad Dayspring, ex-flack to House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). (We’re only joking a little, Brad. Congrats on the new post!)

Eavesdrop Cafe Recap 

As some of you know, we like to engage in a Twitter feature we call Eavesdrop Cafe, in which we make observations about our surroundings in whatever cafe we happen to be working in Washington, D.C. This morning, FBDC’s Eddie Scarry checks in from the Dupont Circle Starbucks: “The woman who sat down at my table is about to get arrested. I’m so scared. I’m so, so scared. #EavesDropCafe,” he wrote on Twitter. He continued, “This is the type of woman who will pull out a gun and shoot this place up. I’ve moved 1 table over HURRY UP, CONGRESS!” He explained further by email, “THIS F—–G CRAZY WOMAN JUST ARRESTED IN HERE. She SAT AT MY TABLE!” (It’s unclear why the woman was arrested, but the cops indeed took her away. Let’s all wish Eddie a more peaceful rest of his day.)