Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Mediabistro hosted a party at Science Club Tuesday night. Reporters, PR types, freelancers and more showed up and packed the bar. Discussion centered on the usual meet, greet and what’s your day job kind of banter. But a certain male of Germanic roots was overheard asking what a jock strap was. A lengthy (amusing) explanation from a friend followed with an even longer explanation of what the friend did for a living — something pertaining to eBay, perfume and advertising. Spotted mingling in the crowd were Drake Lundell, Assoc. Editor of The Kiplinger Letter, Federal News Radio Producer Jamie Blanco and Laureate’s Randy Serrano. American Enterprise Institute’s Stu James was there serving as a spy and Mediaite White House Correspondent’s Tommy Christopher’s bodyguard should one be needed. He was sitting in a booth dressed in flannel. The above trio (from L to R): Veronica Santa, Maryam Sabbagh and Alfonso Pernia.

Photograph in Statuary Hall by Cox Radio’s Jamie Dupree: “PLEASE STAND BY: Back in a little while from the State of the Union Mosh Pit in Statuary Hall.” 

Jake and Luke to tie the knot?

“With all these media types in stat hall now might be the time to poll em on what to give @jakesherman and @lukerussert for their wedding” — the Henry Clay Statue, of the U.S. Capitol, during last night’s State of the Union. He (we assume it’s a “he”) was referring to fast friends NBC’s Luke Russert and Politico‘s Jake Sherman. Clay also got feisty with ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper, who remarked, “Statuary Hall/ Next to Brigham Young statue/ State of my Union #SOTUHaiku.” Clay cracked, “Ooooh, you’re too good for me are you?” But it turns out Clay might be trouble. He also remarked, “True story, at last year’s #SOTU I caught [FNC’s] Chad Pergram eating mushrooms behind the Andrew Jackson statue. Tripped his ass off.” He also remarked, menacingly, “I’m watching you [USA Today‘s] Jackie Kucinich!”

SOTU Observer

“Huge, drawn-out yawn from the gentle lady sitting in the third row center of the chamber. #sotu” — Yahoo! News’s Chris Moody.

Insight is…

“DC has been a relatively quiet place in recent weeks but it feels like all eyes are on Washington for the SOTU tonight.” — The Hill‘s White House Correspondent Amie Parnes.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.