Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day — the Sausage Fest Edition

Question to Ponder: “If President actually creates a Secretary of Business post, will the acronym for it be: “SOB?” Bad jobs #’s? Blame that SOB!” — YG Action Fund’s Brad Dayspring, former flack to House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor.

More Karl Rove election night fallout

“Wow, Rove’s new line is that Obama suppressed the vote. #intervention #sympathy#mentalhealth” — TPM‘s Josh Marshall.

“This is some creative spin : Fox News: Karl Rove Argument Proves His ‘Value’ To Network.” — QGA and former Senate flack Jim Manley.

The scriptwriter

“If this were The West Wing, Obama would right now be arranging the secret meeting where he would offer Romney the Secretary of Business job.” — Logan Dobson, research analyst at The Tarrance Group, a Republican polling firm.


“No joke: I’m at the security line at JFK. Cheech just walked up behind me. I might turn around and say, “Denver?” — MSNBC’s “The Cycle” S.E. Cupp.

WTF: Can’t you people listen?

“People: To reiterate, I CAN’T reset my password for this acct b/c it is linked to an email acct that no longer exists.” — Liz Mair, GOPround advisory board member.

A lunch order to remember

“To the cute gay server at my lunch place: stop complimenting the lady customers on their hair and look at ME!” — The Guardian‘s Matthew Wells.

First World Problems?

“My eye doctor is out-of-network. THANKS OBAMA.” — HuffPost‘s Arthur Delaney.

Two conservative journos discuss getting eaten alive…

This morning’s conversation is between’s John Nolte and RedState and CNN’s Erick Erickson.

Nolte: Frequently, I accuse the media of being in a bubble, but Right Media built its own around these polls. Never happening to me again.

Erickson: I wrote several times I thought the polling was a bit off in skew, but not wrong & Romney was losing as a result. I got eaten alive.

Nolte: Commenters eat you up? Or fellow cons? Both? But you articulated the gut I should’ve trusted more. Won’t happen again.

Erickson: Fellow cons and readers both ate me alive for it.