Morning Chatter

 Quotes of the Day

FOOD, LIQUOR, WEDDING CHAPEL, CLEAN ROOMS: “What more does anyone need really?” — NPR’s Ari Shapiro on the road in Nevada. He also wrote, “Food, liquor and clean rooms are the three pillars upon which a strong marriage can be built.

Journo says TV anchors were once trusted news figures

“There was a time, a time before cable. When the local anchorman reigned supreme. When people believed everything they heard on TV.” — Salena Zito, political reporter for Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
Deep Thoughts With Ariana Pekary
“Sometimes, in life, you just have to suffer in silence.” — Ariana Pekary, radio producer for The Bob Edwards Show.

Writers squabble over mayo

“Mike Elk, Mayo is the greatest thing ever.” — U.S. environmental and labor historian Erik Loomis, blogger for Lawyers Guns & Money.

“I have always hated mayo, its the worst.” — InTheseTimes labor journo Mike Elk.

Anchor begrudgingly reports dangers of licorice

“FDA says too much black licorice could cause a drop in potassium levels leading to heart problems #halloweenjoykill.” — Steve Chenevey, ABC7 morning/noon news anchor.

Reporter offers warning to White House

“On the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno, the president promised ‘candy for everyone’ at WH Halloween. I’ll be sure to follow up and report back. And it better not be that funsize twix and smarties stuff. I want the good candy.” — NBC News political reporter Shawna Thomas.

See what a local editor is bitching about and whose ass CBS’ Gayle King is kissing after the jump… Also, which journo is freezing at work?


“Maybe it’s a good thing the press gallery can double as a freezer in case the refrigerator gets full when everyone’s back for the lame duck.” — Fox News Capitol Hill producer Kara Rowland.

Editor bitches about fan light kits

“Getting sick of ordering replacement fan light kits from Lowes’ useless website, only to discover they’re the wrong one for our fan.” — Washington City Paper Editor Mike Madden.

Gayle King kisses Chef Geoff’s ass 

“@chefgeoffs can’t wait to come to your dc restaurants. may I just say you have excellent taste @NorahODonnell what a doll smart & gorgeous!” — “CBS This Morning” host Gayle King. Trust us, Gayle, you’ve eaten with Oprah. Among your favorite treats is the Maple Bacon cupcake. Chef Geoff’s has a mid-week bacon bar, but it will not compare.

Politico reporter looks down on MSNBC’s Bashir

If Obama’s campaign made anti-Romney ads like Martin Bashir’s video packages, Obama would lost half the electorate for playing lowball.