Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“Any jackass can talk about bombing Iran.” — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, post debate late night.

“I think we all love teachers.” — CBS “Face the Nation” host and presidential debate moderator Bob Schieffer. This is how he firmly ended one of the segments as Mitt Romney gushed about teachers.

Important Question to Ponder: “What do I get @twitter for our 4th anniversary together?” — WaPo‘s Ed O’Keefe. Answer: A divorce. (Just kiddng with you, Ed.)

Journo’s heart warmed by Fresh Prince

“Will Smith was a groomsman in Alfonso Ribiero (aka Carlton Banks) wedding. That warms my heart #freshprince.” — ABC News’s Karen Travers.

The Relationship Expert

“Romney and Obama really don’t like each other. Reminds me of the very worse episode of Love Connection.” — “Love Connection” game show host Chuck Woolery.

Blogger declares journos’ “shallow

“Is it too much for reporters who don’t cover and don’t have any knowledge of for policy to refrain from grading a for pol debate? #shallow” — WaPo‘s “Right Turn” blogger Jennifer Rubin.

Mom to the rescue

“My mom fact-checks that Air Force Academy basic cadets trained with bayonets this summer. Source: My sister goes there.” — Politico defense reporter Leigh Munsil.

“1st debate my mother texted she was upset Obama lost. 2nd debate texted she was happy. Now, no text. My focus group says, Viewership down?” — WaPo‘s Tim Craig.


“Last Nicki Minaj quote tweet was meant as a text to a friend. Sorry, at least I didn’t pull a chick from the newsroom and tweet racy pic.” — MSNBC Contributor and Daily Beast Columnist Megan McCain.

Righty writer makes fun of Specter (too soon?)

Q: “Why is the weather so wonderful today?” A: “Oh, that’s right. Arlen Specter is still dead.” — the always classy conservative writer and former TWTer Robert Stacy McCain. Former Sen. Arlen Specter died last week after a lengthy bout of cancer.

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DEBATE OBSERVERS: The best in the bunch

“John Kerry just said after playing Mitt Romney in debate practice he needs an ‘exorcism.'” — The New Yorker‘s David Grann.

“Frank Luntz’s focus group on Fox News is going bananas and screaming at each other.” — TWT Senior op-ed Writer Emily Miller.

“Well he definitely passed the ‘I agree with the commander-in-chief’ test.” — WaPo‘s Melinda Henneberger.

“The Giants TOTALLY won this debate.” — NYT‘s Jonathan Weisman.

“Michelle Obama’s dress wins over Ann Romney’s tonight.” — Raw Story Exec. Editor Megan Carpentier.

“Schieffer not checking is win for Obama. Millions will now assume POTUS is correct, because he was last time.” — Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher.

“If this debate was 60 rather than 90 minutes would anyone have complained? #lynndebate” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza.

“Mitt is killing!” — Conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who was apparently at an entirely different debate than the rest of us.

Cinderella has a new friend in Washington

“Spent birthday weekend with family at Disneyworld. Just read girls to sleep with Cinderella….again. Then watched debate.” — Americans for Tax Reform Prez Grover Norquist.

Debate Fatigue

“Parents should keep a tape of this debate to help lull babies to sleep.” — BuzzFeed‘s Rosie Gray.

“Bob Schieffer is already dead.” — Salon and the Guardian‘s Jim Newell.

“What I miss? Oh. Blech.” — Former White House speechwriter and The Atlantic‘s Jon Lovett.

“OH where I’m watching debate: ‘What’s the point of having moderators? Why not just have Siri up there?'” — Politico‘s Maggie Haberman.

“Tonight at 9pm, I’ll be live tweeting the episode of Family Ties where Alex loses his virginity! Tune in!” — David Zirin, Sports Editor for The Nation.

“Live from Lynn University for the debate — and by live, I mean some media annex far away from the actual debate.” — The Daily Caller‘s Jamie Weinstein.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.